Realms of the Hut – Lotus Empire

This campaign takes place in the Realms of the Hut multi-verse. The beginning point is in the Lotus Empire, an old land, ruled by the Calipha Alia ni Sharazar ni Ishala, Gem of the Lotus, Most High Empress of the Light, Defender of the Faithful, Sweet Spring of Bountiful Goodness.

The Lotus Empire is a matriarchal system. Men are considered somewhat second class citizens. Men may enter contracts and own real estate only if a woman allows herself to be used as a proxy. Men may not directly undertake political, financial, or real property transactions without the sanction of a woman.

The campaign begins twenty years after the Hell Gate Wars. This was a dark time in the Empire, where many military aged people were killed in frightening battles against demonic forces, determined to enslave the world. The scars left by this conflict remain in many of the poorer and more remote areas of the empire.

Realms of the Hut